Re: Media Files

Mike Tate

Thank you for the explanation of how you cured the problem, which seems to confirm that those Media Files inside your Media folder were faulty.


The envelope icons will only be shown inside FH wherever Media Records are involved.

Those icons will NOT be shown against any Media Files shown in Windows File Explorer.


The envelope icons are saying that the Media Record cannot open the Media File it is linked to in the Media folder.


In the Media Record Property Box there is a File item such as Media\photo-abc.jpg

That is referring to the Media File located at Family Historian Projects\Name Tree\Name Tree.fh_data\Media\photo-abc.jpg

But if that Media File does not exist or is faulty then the Media Record cannot open it, so it shows the envelope icon instead.

Does that make sense?


To answer your question, YES, my Plugin will list all such ‘missing file names’ that cause the envelope icon.


Is your Tools > External File Links command still not working?

If so, then there is still some other Media File in your Media folder that is the cause.

However, finding that problem file may be difficult.


Regards, Mike Tate



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