Modifying Records List


I have been unable to work out how to add a column to the Records List which gives the name of the spouse.  Can anyone help please?

I have some names that turn up and fill a double length column  in Records (William Williams abound)  I can sort on DoB but in a few cases I don't have that.

I have collected them partly as a result of going through pages of a particular Parish's Register, recognizing a couple and noting all their children and then repeating it looking for those children who died in the first 10 years in burials.  It's so difficult in the 1700's without the help of a Census to try and link generations with any prospect of complete accuracy.  Usually it can only be done if you can identify the farm or dwelling they lived in. Otherwise it's down to looking for similarities in the choice of Christian names for children

It would be so much easier if I could look in Records and recognise immediately the couple I want, at least with the women there was usually a little more variety with their Christian names.

Perhaps it's just not possible?

A second question please. Many people lost children in the first 10 years.  Is there an historian who knows whether Infant child burials were 'free'.  Some families buried 5 or 6 children and the cost must have been formidable if they were as I believe living on the breadline.
Peter Williams

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