Re: Media Files

Mike Tate


That error message has cropped up in the FHUG Forums a few times before.

It indicates that a particular Media file (or two) have corrupt meta-data, usually due to a faulty download.

Downloading the file again usually resolves the problem, but in your case identifying the file may be difficult.


Where do you keep your Media files?

Are they within the Project structure in its Media folder, or are they scattered elsewhere over your disk?


This missing file broken link problem has recently arisen again in the FHUG Forums.

I have written a Plugin to list all the missing files rather than having to search the Media Window or the External File Links dialogue.


As Lorna says, the problem is caused by Media files being renamed, moved or deleted so FH cannot find them.


Regards, Mike Tate


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It looks as though I may have a bigger problem.

On clicking on Tools and selecting the External Files Links I get the pop up message

“An error has occurred. Unable to display dialog”

I have never used the External Files Links before





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