Re: Media Files

Lorna Craig

Tom, I have never seen that message before, and hopefully it is only a temporary glitch.  Try closing FH and re-opening it.  If the problem persists then (as a last resort) try re-installing FH.  I am also puzzled that when you click on the thumbnail in the main Media window you get a message saying “The parameter is incorrect” because normally this would open the Media Record tab in the usual way but with "File not found" displayed. You would then be offered options to let FH search for the file or open the 'Work with External File Links' tool or search manually.

However you may be able to solve your problem another way.  In the Media tab of the main Records Window, locate one of the Media records for which you know the image is not displaying.  Click the 'plus' icon to the left of it to expand the record.  The File line will show the file name FH is looking for, and the file path (probably in the Media folder of your project).  Does it look like a valid file path? Try the 'search' tool on your computer (if you are using windows 10 it will probably be bottom left, magnifying glass icon) to search for a file with the name FH is looking for.  If it exists but is is the wrong place it can be moved to the location where FH expects it to be.  If you can't find the file at all it must have been renamed or deleted.


On 10/05/2020 14:29, Tom Gray via wrote:



It looks as though I may have a bigger problem.

On clicking on Tools and selecting the External Files Links I get the pop up message

“An error has occurred. Unable to display dialog”

I have never used the External Files Links before

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