Re: Media Files

Lorna Craig


This indicates that Family Historian cannot find the file in the original location where it was when it was first linked.  The file has either been renamed or moved or deleted. 

The solution to fix the problem depends on which of these things has happened.   If the file has been renamed, use Tools>External File Links to open the Work with External File Links windowLocate the problem media record in the list, where it will have a cross beside it.  Click on it to select it, then click Edit. You can now change the file name (the name which FH is looking for) to match the name of the file on your computer.

If the file has been moved, you may be able to locate it using the Auto Repair Links button in the Work with External File Links window.  For further guidance click the Help button in the same window.

If the file has been deleted completely you will need to make/download a new one.


On 10/05/2020 12:24, Tom Gray via wrote:

Any advice on the following?

I have noticed that quite a few of my media files are now showing as a blank box with a diagonal X in it.

In the focus window individual media tab I can click on a record and see the media in the lower pane.

In the preview alongside their name it shows as a envelope for want of a better description

Have attached a screenshot Focus Screen.


In the main Media View the same media record also shows as an envelope.

Clicking on it produces the pop up box with the message “The parameter is incorrect”

I have attached a Screenshot Media List.


Any ideas

A) why it has happened?

B) how to resolve it?


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