Re: Importance Value of various Birth Sources

Adrian Bruce

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... What is the current practice for proof during registration? ...
We have a (former?) registrar in the WDYTYA? Forum and *if* I recall
correctly, the way he puts it, is that no independent proof of
identity etc is required - the registrar is instructed to probe
certain matters if not satisfied but at the end of the proverbial day,
proof is generally taken on trust (we are British after all! grin) -
the principle being that *if* you are found to be lying after the
event, then you're liable to be charged with perjury. That potential
charge is where the "encouragement" comes from.

There is at least one aspect where documentary proof is required
though - IIRC a divorced person going for remarriage needs to provide
proof of the divorce.

Nonetheless I do have instances of certificates - early in the 20th
century - where untruths over identity are told. Usually I find more
baptisms giving untruths than birth certificates though the
not-quite-exactly-true baptism in my mind at the moment is one in
Manchester so local knowledge by the priest may have been lacking.

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