Re: Narrative report - Descendants by Generation

Adrian Bruce

On Tue, 27 Sept 2022 at 11:01, Vyger <vyger88@...> wrote:
... Really if a period or comma is not part of the note then it should not appear is a simple observation unless there is a sentence variable parameter....

Mmm Maybe. One has to balance the needs of those who want to control the exact format of the resulting narrative, with those who really don't mind so long as the resulting narrative looks fine. The latter group are liable to omit the full stop / period at the end of a note (this isn't just me saying this, there was an internet story in the UK about people omitting full stops at the end of texts, etc) and logically the omitters ought to have their grammatic deficiencies fixed in the output - otherwise any decent word processor looking at the output will start complaining.

I think in Bev's case, the {note} being in the middle, may not have been an option that was considered in the logic. (I confess I never put {note} into a sentence but add it in - after the narrative sentence - via the report level parameter - when it's wanted.)

(Incidentally, I was one of those that tried to control my exact output formats by sentences using constructs such as < {date}>< {place}>. Unfortunately it didn't quite work for me and when I raised a query with CP they told me that the logic now attempted to control spacing etc, and my construct was sabotaging that logic - I only needed, they said, to enter {date} {place}.They may have advertised this advance but I'm quite likely to have skimmed that announcement without it sinking in "because I knew all about it already")



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