Re: Primary versus Secondary

Adrian Bruce

On Sun, 25 Sept 2022 at 09:38, Derek Heritage <heritage-family@...> wrote:
... Legacy had a choice of 4 ...
I wondered how FH had treated this on import and discovered [3] "Almost certain conclusion" it had decided was Primary.
How interesting.  The corresponding item in the GEDCOM spec'n is the QUAY tag, which refers to the CERTAINTY_ASSESSMENT. In GEDCOM that has just the values 0 to 3, not Legacy's 0 thru 4. The GEDCOM values are:
0 = Unreliable evidence or estimated data
1 = Questionable reliability of evidence (interviews, census, oral genealogies, or potential for bias
for example, an autobiography)
2 = Secondary evidence, data officially recorded sometime after event
3 = Direct and primary evidence used, or by dominance of the evidence

As I've said elsewhere in the past, that range makes no sense. If it's not Primary then it's Secondary - there is no alternative in genealogy (academic history is another matter - that has Tertiary). And reliability is a different matter that needs to go into another item, because, as people have said here, Primary information can be unreliable.

Presumably 3 from Legacy (Almost Certain) got mapped to 3 from GEDCOM (Primary).

In fact v.7 of FH introduced 4 optional flags for the assessment of a source in relation to the data being supported - A Warning flag about Reliability; A Direct / Indirect Evidence flag; a Secondary / Primary Flag; and a Derivative (copy, generally) / Original flag. There's no way to create those flags automatically - they are there if you want to think about them.

And again, the important thing is to **think** - primary / secondary are just guidewords to help us **think**.


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