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Jan Murphy

Terry --

I have Evidentia but haven't used it extensively -- I have been on a 'hunting and gathering' phase and need to stop and analyze what I've found and get it into Family Historian.  

Evidentia is good for making you slow down and really think about what information you might be able to get out of a document.  Since this makes many people cry "that's too much work!", I often advise people to try it with their most difficult cases first. But from Ed T (the developer) has said in his video classes, he wrote the program to help him organize all of his genealogy work.  

To wring the most data out of an English census document, I would first find a copy of the census enumerator's instructions. If I remember correctly, those are available on  Reading population studies and census reports for the area may also alert you to subtleties you might have missed, which you could then incorporate into your notes in Evidentia or Family Historian or both.

Ed's YouTube channel is at 
He also has a Facebook presence and enjoys keeping in touch with his users and getting feedback on the program.

Jan Murphy
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On Sat, May 9, 2020 at 2:11 AM claverterry <terencedicker@...> wrote:
I have just over a week to finish my Univ. of Strathclyde Course, after which I will try the 14 day free trial of Evidentia. It now sounds intriguing...have you been surprised at how much you can extract from an English census document, for example?

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