Re: Family Historian versus Legacy #new

Adrian Bruce

On Fri, 23 Sept 2022 at 12:25, Vyger <vyger88@...> wrote:
... the screen below [omitted here. AB] is how I compare individuals from named lists I have created for different purposes, ...
Incidentally the Records window can expand any and several individuals by simply clicking the + or the arrow right on your keyboard then you can see the details of the individuals you wish on one screen.

That's interesting - it had never occurred to me (and I've been using FH from v2) that I could get the ability to expand two records at once - one in the Records window and one in the list window. Thanks for that.

Just on a personal note, I rarely  need to compare two individuals with that level of detail of data - normally I can get the requisite over-view from having two charts open at once (that IS easily possible, whereas two records at once is trickier). The thing that I do need two of at once is two source records, where I might have one type of source open but would really like to compare it to another to see if I've described the new one as well as I have done in the past.


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