Re: Ancestry Message service - update

Debbie Kennett

It seems to have taken Ancestry a lot longer than predicted to roll out this new messaging system. Here are some details I received from an Ancestry briefing back in June 2019.



● New Ancestry Message Center: The new Ancestry Message Center is a modern and

easy-to-navigate platform that allows members to easily exchange messages with each other.

With new features like current message status, online member status and improved member

search capabilities, members are now able to connect and respond to each other in a more

efficient way.


About the new Ancestry Message Center

● Current Message Status: This feature will show a “Delivered” notice below the message when

it is delivered and a “Read” notice once the message has been read. This feature will help keep

members better informed about the status of their message.

● Online Member Status: Now, members will be able to see a green dot next to a user’s name if

they are online and currently available in the new Ancestry Message Center.

● Improved Member Search Capabilities: By adding a predictive text search feature within the

new Ancestry Message Center, it’s easier for Ancestry members to find the person they are

trying to message even faster. If a member is online and currently available a green dot will

appear next to their name in the search bar.


We were told that new subscribers from June 2019 onwards would be put on the new messaging platform and existing members were supposed to follow. Ancestry members who use the message folders were going to be transitioned last as they were trying to find a way to transfer the folders. That doesn’t seem to have been possible. If you have made use of the folders you will need to download your message folders archive. You will be able to do this until 31st August.


Debbie Kennett


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