Re: Family Historian versus Legacy #new

Adrian Bruce

On Wed, 21 Sept 2022 at 22:25, Derek Heritage <heritage-family@...> wrote:
I have a problem with Sources. If I choose Cite existing Source, the Source which opens already is full of information from a previous time it was used.
Yes - you're citing an existing source **record** so it will have the details from the source-record that you've just chosen (in the top half - it will have an empty bottom half for the citation specific stuff, such as the page within, etc).
In Legacy it was easy to refresh that source to clear all the previous detail.
Remember that the source record  will have already been used in support of previous facts, so the last thing you want to do is alter the top half, which refers to the source-record.
Why can't I do this inFH7 or open an empty form?
If you want to open an empty form then (if you've started from the Add Citation drop down) you get options to
 - Cite An Existing Source
 - Add a new Source from Template ...
 - Add a new Generic Source.

The last two options open an empty form to enable you to create a new source-record from blank.


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