Re: Media Files In or Out?

Adrian Bruce

On Fri, 16 Sept 2022 at 11:49, Geoff Johnson <geoff@...> wrote:

... They could, or course, just leave their media outside of FH, but several are wondering about the enormity of `redoing' their source and citation media. ...

I'll try not to repeat what's gone before but in terms of "redoing" source and citations, if you move stuff into your project's media folder, the source-records and citation data won't alter (well, not normally!) because they don't (normally!) refer to filenames or folders on the disk. Only the media records inside FH will need to change to point to the new location(s). And, so far as I understand it, the Auto Repair Links facility will do all that for you. (I guess this implies that you need to move, not copy, all the media images to their new home, otherwise there won't be any broken links to repair.)


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