Re: Family Historian versus Legacy #new

Adrian Bruce

On Thu, 15 Sept 2022 at 10:09, John Elvin <> wrote:

But isn't a child being mentioned in a will or enumerated on a census documentation of their name and hence should be a source for the name fact?  ...

Indeed - what some of us are saying is that a source could be used to justify stuff at a whole host of levels - e.g. at the level of an individual fact, at the level of one of possibly several names, and at the level of the person concerned (i.e. what's the first indication of their existence?)  Plus similar for families, note records, etc. And I'd cite my sources against all 3 (or whatever the number ends up as).

Trying to provide that justification at all 3 levels (i.e. citing the sources against all 3 levels) surely needs more than just a single click / select a person, to say nothing of adjusting how a source might be primary for most of the facts, etc, but secondary for others.

That's why I, at least, raise a Spock-like eyebrow at the concept of single click citing of sources and worry that somewhere there is a misunderstanding.


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