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Mike Tate

I forgot to mention shared Fact Witnesses with the Role of Emigrant.

If your Emigration events have such Fact Witnesses then after changing to Immigration events they need their Role changed to Immigrant.

If only a few they can be edited by hand, otherwise the ‘Search and Replace’ plugin can be used.

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Sent: 16 August 2022 17:55
Subject: Re: [family-historian] The fact Emigration


It is not a good idea to move the Place: field to the To: field because Place: is a standard GEDCOM field but To: is not.

Probably the best solution is to convert all the Emigration events to Immigration events whose Sentence Template is something like:

{individual} migrated <to {_place}>  <from {_place2}> {date} {age} <together with {other=immigrant}>

And in the Facts tab top pane, it will say ‘Immigrated to USA’ for your example.

Use the ‘Change Any Fact Tag’ plugin from the Plugin Store to bulk change every Emigration to Immigration.

If you need help running that plugin then ask again.

Mike Tate


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