The fact Emigration


After converting from TMG, among other things, I have a challenge with the emigration event. In TMG, the statement is: [P] <|and [PO]> emigrated <[D]> <to [L]><[M]>

In FH: {individual} emigrated <from {_place}> <to {_place2}> {date} {age} <together with {other=emigrant}>

This causes the destination to be placed in the field of departure, but with the text Emigrated from. The text in the "Sentence" field is correct (emigrated to), but in reports “emigrated from”. One solution is to move the text in "Place" to the field "To:"

However, I have more than 1,500 cases. Does anyone have suggestions for a solution for this case?

Thanks in advance.

Haakon Wahl

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