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Use the Plugin as suggested by Mike Tate, I had a few anomalies between desktop and laptop which puzzled me and the Plugin resolved these.

FH stores some data in the registry which I didn't know about, different from my previous software and better to have system level settings.

All my genealogy data, including FH projects, are in my Documents folder and I sync this folder between desktop and laptop so all paths remain the same. I would believe once you get the system data aligned it will be plain sailing.


On Sat, 13 Aug 2022, 09:12 Gary Forget, <garyj.f@...> wrote:

Well I replaced a laptop and desktop with a new laptop and I’m struggling with storage of my projects. On my old computers they were all in the Project window.

In the screenshots attached the Sample Project and my Forget Family projects were all showing up on my Project Window at point of entry.

I bought the new laptop,  copied my FH data from my old laptop to my new laptop and I’ve had problems ever since.


I want the Project window in FH to show my Sample Project and Family Forget Project as options for me to choose instead of going the long route of More tasks from the Project window.

I’m also noticing the time to save the project has slowed down since moving to the new PC. Every 5 minutes or so I’m waiting to get back access to carry on entering date. I must be doing something wrong.

Any suggestions? I’ve read the Understanding Projects  pages from the Knowledge base but nothing jumped out as relevant







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