Broken Links and Lost Sources


I had a brief power outage this morning whist FH 6.2.7 was open. PC continued to run but not communicating with screen.  Broadband went down but reconnected itself.  PC was powered down and restarted 30 mins later. PC now communicating with screen. Reopened FH to receive message listing "EXCLUDED" data which has not been loaded because "link to non-existent Source record". I was asked to 'validate' can't remember exactly what was being validated but FH appeared to find nothing wrong. I noticed that I had some sources missing so opened my backup from yesterday evening as 'Project 2'.  The bottom line is that even having opened an FH Backup I appear to have lost over 1000 sources and have over 1200 media items with no links.  
I have six FH Project Backups between 5-11 August and the most recent Snapshot is 11 August at 20.26.
Suggestions welcome as to how I might recover the situation. Thank you.
Geoff Walter

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