Re: Size of my chart. #new

David Burgess


Try "My History" at Denaby Main, South Yorkshire.  It is close to Rotherham.

They specialise in family history charts.

David Burgess

On 10/08/2022 17:08, Victor Markham via wrote:
Edward many years ago I emailed my family tree to a company who printed it in a long roll of paper which I gave to a cousin in Canada when I went to meet them. Sorry I can't recall the company but think it was based in Rotherham.
If this company still exists they could do this for you


On 10 Aug 2022, at 16:05, Trevor Rix <trevor@...> wrote:
Edward - you may have already tried this. If the print to pdf dialogue says that the pdf will be on two pages, abort, go to diagram options and reduce the scaling to 50%. The diagram will then fit on one page. Use the same technique to reduce the scaling for multiple pages.

Alternatively contact My History who specialise in both Family Historian and pdf printing.
David Burgess

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