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I print my larger charts on an A3 printer (with ‘Avoid Page Boundaries’ switched on), cut off the edges of the pages with an A3 guillotine (so that there is no break in the lines at the edges of the pages when the pages are taped together) and tape them together with Scotch Magic tape (like Sellotape but matt, so it’s practically invisible and never goes brittle or yellow) which is currently about £10 for 132 metres on Amazon. I use small pieces of tape at the top and bottom of the pages on the front of the chart (but not covering data) so as to hold the pages in exactly the right position so the lines line up properly, and then turn the chart over and tape right down the join so that the pages are properly secured together. Another virtue of Scotch Magic tape is that it can be removed and repositioned for a short time afterwards.


You can have your chart as large (so as to be readable!) as you like – provided your prepared to put in the time, the paper and the Scotch tape, of course; you’re not restricted by the size of the paper. It’s one of the many brilliant things I love about this program.


It might be a bit more fiddly than using a professional printer but it’s quicker and far cheaper.




Stephen Challis

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My local commercial printer can print images up to 4 feet wide by 500 feet long. I don't have a chart that size but the capability is there. I have experimented with adjusting the size of the chart and if I keep the image under 30,000 by 30,000 pixels it all works ok using any  of the image formats. I just need to keep the pixels at a level where I can read the details of the boxes on the chart.


When I try to create a PDF I can't seem to get it as one chart but it is separated into many charts in the same PDF, which is not what I want. I just read the file ( ) and I will experiment with all the options there but it seems that there can be a limit of 128" or 200" for a chart so I will need to experiment if I can print my chart at a resolution that will be readable.


I was trying to get an all relatives chart and that is relatively large. It is currently 3 ft by 75 ft, ( 36" X 900" )


Thank you all for your suggestions and I will let you know if I can get the chart into a PDF but it may be too large and I may need to come up with another scheme.




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The best format to produce large diagram charts is usually PDF.

It would help if you told us what size paper your printer handles and the size of the diagram chart as given by Diagram > Diagram Statistics…


Have you followed the advice in FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Single PDF Page of a Diagram’?

That advises about how to adjust diagram size and scaling particularly for large diagrams.

Regards, Mike Tate


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I am trying to get a large chart to print at my local printer. I have tried using every format available from FH, jpeg, tiff, png, psd, pdf, etc. I have printed them out previous to a jpeg that my printer could print. The chart is now so large that the resulting image file has not been created correctly and shows either as a  black rectangle or the image software says it is incorrectly formatted.

I have tried to create smaller charts without a problem.  It may be that the resulting image is greater than 30,000 pixels by 30,000 pixels which I believe is a limit for many software packages.

Can this be gotten around or am I stuck with just generating smaller charts?

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