Re: Transferring custom birth tag

Adrian Bruce

On Tue, 2 Aug 2022 at 14:21, Phil Stokes <phil@...> wrote:

As someone who spent a considerable part of my career investigating and assessing evidence, and preparing conclusions based on that evidence, I would disagree with that.


Aren’t all facts conclusions? They are not evidence in themselves. The evidence is the source or sources cited against the fact which has allowed the investigator or researcher to reach a conclusion. Whether there is a single fact for an event, or multiple facts, the sources cited against each of them are the evidence, and the facts themselves must be conclusions supported by and assessed on the weight of the evidence proposed.


You may be disagreeing with me but I find myself agreeing with most of what you said, and our only significant difference might be around how to handle your 5G-GF. Might be... I might also agree with you on further thought, I don't know.

If I understand you correctly, then my major "error" is in referring to the alternative birth (or whatever) facts as evidence, when they should strictly be referred to as conclusions, also. Yes, point taken, they are indeed conclusions, (hopefully) supported by evidence in sources. I guess I was looking for terminology that expressed my view that the alternative facts were likely to represent the evidence through only a mechanical transformation, and therefore those alternative facts represented the evidence. But yes, on reflection, the terminology isn't right if I refer to those "minimal transform conclusions" as "evidence".


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