Re: Adjusting Records and Focus windows

Mike Tate

Hi Sheena,

There is a well documented process for migrating from PC to PC in the FHUG Knowledge Base Family Historian V5 & V6 Migration Guide:


That process ensures the whole Project migrates including all Media and that all custom settings migrate across too.


May I suggest you join the FHUG which is free and has many more resources, downloads, etc.


Regarding the vertical Navigation Bar on the left you have probably got one of the following set wrongly.

In main menu bar View >Navigation Bar is switched off.

In Tools > Preferences > Display tab Always Show Record Window Icon is not ticked.


Are you saying the Focus Window fills the FH window without a Property Box on the right.

That is adjusted in Tools > Preferences > Workspaces for the Focus Window.


But as I said if you follow the Migration Guide it explains how to use a Plugin to copy across all those settings from your old PC.

If you have customised Diagrams, Reports, Queries, Plugins, Fact Sets, etc, etc, then those need migrating across too.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Sent: 04 February 2020 14:31
Subject: [family-historian] Adjusting Records and Focus windows


Hi all,
I am pleased to be joining this group.
I recently had to buy a new laptop and managed to transfer my Family Historian Projects successfully bar a few photos. However I cannot get the data cylinder icon to show onscreen on the left of the Focus Window which seems to fill the whole screen. I have tried zooming out with fingers on the touch pad but that does not work.
Can anyone tell me how to get it back to the way it was before? It is so useful when searching for someone.


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