Re: Query not bringing back expected results

Lorna Craig

You need to add more rows, testing for subsequent sources linked to a birth event, increasing the index each time.  So in the next row the expression will be %INDI.BIRT[1].SOUR[2]>TITL%,  the next will be  %INDI.BIRT[1].SOUR[3]>TITL% and so on.

You will need to add as many rows as you think will be necessary to cover the greatest number of sources you have linked to a birth event.

On 31/07/2022 13:19, Steve Miller wrote:
I have created a query to list all individuals where the Rows expression:

Expression: %INDI.BIRT[1].SOUR[1]>TITL%
Operator: begins with
Value: Index of Births (GRO)

It displays the results, only if the the GRO Source is the first citation linked to the Birth field, is there a way of checking for any Sources linked to the birth field.

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