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Randy Dykhuis

Thanks so much to everyone who chimed in for your help. I'm still experimenting to see what works best for me but at least I now have some clue about what I'm doing. This is an amazing group.

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Picking up on Lorna’s point about considering Census records from other countries, instead of USA Census you could use {COUNTRY} Census in the Templates to use the Country box chosen on the right.


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OK, the greyed out Source title is for Method 2 only so ignore that.


The Title should be unique for each year, head of household, and place. The Source record created will never be reused. That is how Method 1 works.

Even if the Title happens to be the same, it will still create a new Source record every time, because it is the Record Id allocated by FH that makes it unique.

i.e. It is the same as if you create two Individual records with the same Name, they are distinguished by their unique Record Id.


Check the Tools > Options > Census settings – method 1 and review the Census Method 1 Title Template that determines the Title on main screen.



Will start the Title with USA Census then the {YEAR} (or you could choose {DATE}), then whatever is in the Ref ID box, then the 1st person in Grid, then the Place box, lastly the Other Info box.

You can design it to be whatever you prefer.


You also need to design the Census Image Title Template and optionally the Census Method 1 Short Title Template.


BTW: The same strategy applies to all the other types of data entry for Birth, Baptism, Marriage, death & Burial.

There are tutorials in the FHUG Knowledge Base for Ancestral Sources that you may find useful:

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