Re: New laptop and upgrading to v7

Mike Tate


If you know what product your friends and family use then the Export Gedcom File plugin will produce a tailored GEDCOM for them.

As you say there are plenty of suitable free products not just for Windows but other devices too.


An FH Project Backup is simply a standard compressed ZIP file under another name.

It can be extracted to obtain the GEDCOM file and associated Media that can be imported into many other products and not just FH.


One potential ‘snag’ is customised facts & witnesses that need the Fact Set definitions for them to be displayed correctly.

That does need FH and the accompanying customised settings files.


Mike Tate


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Export a Gedcom file periodically and email to your friends and family, images are not contained within a Gedcom, just file links so the files are relatively small.


Advantages are they can import into a program of their choice, there are many free restricted options out there. Yes there will be some losses in detail but the structure of the families will be remain intact for the receiving parties.


I have FH7 on desktop and laptop, I would so miss the opportunity to also have FH on the laptop so thankfully that is permitted. Backup (or Gedcom export) to Dropbox is another option where a shared folder with friends could also be a route to sharing FH data. Your friends/family would need to have a licenced copy of FH to restore an FH backup but could import a Gedcom to any program.


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