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Mike Tate

Hi Frank,

As with most purchased software, there are licence terms & conditions.

For example, you no doubt know that most Microsoft products are restricted to the devices they are allowed to be installed on.

Calico Pie have always limited personal use of FH to two devices. Prior to FH V7 that was largely on trust.

Installation required a licence key that users habitually had forgotten when needing to reinstall FH.

So FH V7 has a new online licencing account system that manages the copies installed.

See the installation guide at


If you check your FH V7 purchase order Email it will say something like:

“Licence is non-transferable, perpetual.  Permits up to two simultaneous device installations for personal use.

Subject to the terms of the End User Licence Agreement which is displayed when you install the software.

Please keep a copy of this email for your records. You may need the information contained in it in the future.”


The End User Licence Agreement is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Family Historian\Program\Licence.txt

It can also be found online at

An important restriction is the underlined section below:

“Unless your licence explicitly specifies otherwise, it is for personal use only, which means that an additional condition for installing or activating the Software on more than one device (if permitted at all) is that all such devices must be owned, kept and used by you, and no more than one person may use the Software at any one time.”


So that imposes limits on the use of FH by other members of your family, especially if you do not own & keep all the devices and more than one person wants to use FH at the same time. In that case, they will have to purchase their own licenced copies of FH.


However, there are other ways of sharing your family history research that may not require FH.

I assume that your other family members are not actually performing any research but just want to see your Project database.

In that case, you can send Diagrams &/or Reports in PDF format, or your Project can be put online for free in Ancestry, FindMyPast, ZoomPast, etc.


BTW: You do not need to install a second copy of the FH program to maintain backup copies of your Project, etc.


There is advice on all the above topics in the FHUG Knowledge Base at


Regards, Mike Tate


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I was really interested to read your reply to Liz about the use of the license for FH being restricted to just 2 laptops. I am fairly new to FH and have set it up on two home PC's as an extra backup copy. It had been my intention to share my FH research with other members of my own family. Is this not possible? Can I buy extra license copies or is there another way around this?

Many thanks


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