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Adrian Bruce

On Wed, 22 Jun 2022 at 08:36, <unkatat@...> wrote:
... Cologne, Germany for example doesn't exist (except on a geography classroom wall map).   

I'd beg to differ. Cologne is the English name for, the translation of, Köln. As such it has a perfectly legitimate existence off of the map - people in England trading with Köln wouldn't refer to it by that name.

It's also a perfectly sensible question to ask whether you want to use the English language to record place names or the local language, and people can make decisions either way. Personally, given that most of my events relating to Germany (say) are things like holidays or wars, it would feel ostentatious to insist on writing "Deutschland". However, if, like someone I once knew, your father came from Germany while your mother was English, it would seem perfectly sensible to honour your German ancestry by using the German names for the relevant places - starting with Deutschland! Of course, translations would be useful in that case to stop English people thinking that Bayern referred to a football club instead of Bavaria.

One aspect where I'd use German terminology, even with the translated English names, is with the types of jurisdiction - I have "Friesland Landkreis" and don't translate it to "Friesland County" because the translation of jurisdiction names can be a bit arbitrary, especially since the mapping is seldom *quite* exact.


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