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Hi Al,

I was a very active RM user since FO days (late 90s) until 18 months ago when the Community Preview for RM8 began. I had access to the program 6 months prior to that date as a beta tester so I believe I understand where you are.

The Gazetteer in Rootsmagic 7/8 is an out of date standalone reference which I believe is of LDS origin, the online LDS reference is now much more detailed.

You refer to County Check knowing historical place history, this feature and many others are still missing from RM8. This is also not a Rootsmagic creation but a third party Bolton and I believe the current problems are making it Mac compatible.

FH facilitates searching within the Place/Map window and then geocoding by dragging the place to the point on the map, something I wished for in Rootsmagic for more than 10 years. RM8 still separates Place and Map views.

FH has other options like the ability to block geocoding the middle of a country so not appearing on maps.

FH has a Timeline slider, after marking the desired groups/families you can drag the slider through time and see migrations over time.

FH does NOT facilitate geocoding of Place Details (address) this is a big negative for me and I still maintain my valuable geographic reference database in RM7.

You may have seen some of my recent videos but I compare various options in the one below.

FH has a lot of power but can easily be used on a basic level and much quicker requiring less clicks than RM.

RM scrapped and deleted the wealth of back knowledge contained in their forums, FH is supported by the FHUG where there are many knowledgeable people ready to help.

Making a new home for your precious research is never easy so do plenty of research. With the exception of Place Details geocoding I don't miss RM but everyone has different needs.


On Mon, 20 Jun 2022, 16:20 , <KG5HEJ@...> wrote:
which is apt to land me in trouble.  I'm currently a Roots Magic 7 (RM) user with no intention to migrate up to RM8 so I'm looking for alternatives.

While I see many things that make Family Historian (FH) 'interesting' a virtual automatic creation of citations from supplied information, (this is directed mostly to the US members) I find RM's use of place names and place name correction very advantageous. Is 'Plessis' located in Jefferson or St Lawrence county of New York State.  As I start typing Plessis, RM automatically fills in previous uses of the name allowing me to select the location I want to use. 
Also, and probably more importantly, RM know the 'history' of the countries / states / counties over time.   If I were to enter West Virginia before 1864, I believe, RM knows that WV didn't exist at that time and suggests a correction.
I think, in sum, the question here is doe FH have a Places table similar to that found in RM?
If this has been asked innumerable times, kick me to the appropriate spot for an answer.

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