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Adrian Bruce

No, it doesn't have access to a pre-populated Places Table. It uses Place Records but the initial values are those that you create yourself - or convert from another file. Once you have that list, then FH has access to geocoding services that can assign latitude and longitude.

When you have entered a place (with or without coordinates) then any subsequent use will prompt you with the possible previous full name once you start typing a similar name.

I have no idea how good RM's place table and dates for places are. I only know that I have used standardised place-names in FamilySearch FamilyTree and I end up tearing my hair out over the nature of some of the so-called standardised place-names. My fear is that anyone with a pre-populated place table is at the mercy of people with poor knowledge and often a regard for political point scoring instead of accuracy. Sorry to anyone who's been satisfied with importing pre-populated place data, but...


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which is apt to land me in trouble.  I'm currently a Roots Magic 7 (RM) user with no intention to migrate up to RM8 so I'm looking for alternatives.

While I see many things that make Family Historian (FH) 'interesting' a virtual automatic creation of citations from supplied information, (this is directed mostly to the US members) I find RM's use of place names and place name correction very advantageous. Is 'Plessis' located in Jefferson or St Lawrence county of New York State.  As I start typing Plessis, RM automatically fills in previous uses of the name allowing me to select the location I want to use. 
Also, and probably more importantly, RM know the 'history' of the countries / states / counties over time.   If I were to enter West Virginia before 1864, I believe, RM knows that WV didn't exist at that time and suggests a correction.
I think, in sum, the question here is doe FH have a Places table similar to that found in RM?
If this has been asked innumerable times, kick me to the appropriate spot for an answer.

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