Re: Parent adoption

You have two issues to handle

1. Child acquiring a new name
2. The adoption

1. New Name
In the property box for the child (main tab) there are three dots and the word "more" on the right hand end of the name field. Clicking on the three dots takes you to "Names and Titles" dialogue. Use the Add, then name button to add the new name (Nigel Kenneth Smith). Optionally you can then make that name the Primary Name (bottom button).
2. The adoption
In the property box for Robert Smith (main tab - with wife Francis - Frances? - showing), click on the add a child link and immediately select "link an existing record". Then select the child (Nigel Kenneth Smith) and add him. In the same tab in the Rel (relative) column for Nigel Kenneth Smith, select "more options". In that dialogue check the box "Specify relationship to each parent separately" and then under "relationship to father" select "adopted".
Optionally within Nigel Kenneth Smith's property box (Fact tab) you can add an adoption fact - which allows you to add media and sources in the normal way.

Does that give you what you want?

You will notice in the "All" tab for Nigel Kenneth Smith he has two "Parents family" lines directly hanging of his name and another one hanging of the adoption event (if you have added it).  If you select for him "Show ancestors diagram" you will get a prompt asking which parental line to show.

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