Re: International Keyboard


I would suggest reporting this to support.

I know there are several workarounds but they are all less natural and more time consuming. If other programs naturally accept accented characters form the international keyboard configuration then I believe Family Historian should do the same.

I perceive FH wishing to enhance the programs international appeal so I would expect this is something they would wish to be aware of.

On Wed, 18 May 2022, 15:00 Tom Santa Cruz, <tomsantacruz@...> wrote:
I have a problem using the United States International Keyboard with Family Historian 7.0.11.  The accented letters í, Í, ú, and Ú are blocked by the program at the keyboard when using Family Historian (I can copy and paste the letters into Family Historian, without issue and they are preserved in the program). I do not have this issue in other software programs that I use.

These accented vowels are common in Spanish.  As an example, I type García in Family Historian, Garca is the result. Is there a simpler fix than my having to copy-and-paste?  Also is my typing í, Í, ú or Ú causing issues with the Family Historian program.

I have been using Family Historian for less than a year, after converting from The Master Genealogist.  I am otherwise very happy with my change, but I am still learning how to use some features.

I use International Keyboard with French, German and old English characters as well.

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