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David Burgess

Hi John

I only place photos in the Media folder that I wish to link to individuals in Family Historian.  All other photos are placed in relevant folders in my computer.  I have photos I crop for specific purposes and reduce in size, but retain the original.

How do you deal with any photos of scenery or buildings unrelated to your family history?


David Burgess

On 15/05/2022 16:04, johnfirr via wrote:
Just wondered how others approach photo storage in Family Historian.

I have a job on my "to-do" list ( which I am sure many on here share), which is to scan and digitise the hundreds of old family photos that I have stored in albums, shoeboxes, envolopes and the bottom of drawers!.

Scanning and filing on some sort of media is somewhat tedious but fairly straightforward. I have tried to take the approach that Family hIstorian is my repository for everything in recent years but I am not sure how to approach this one? I have scanned in a few specific individuals and linked their faces for the purpose of diagrams but am not sure how it works if say I had 100 phptos of one individual and scanned them all in and linked them. Would it make reports etc really messy?

Also how do people handle group photos? Do you make a link to every person on the photo within your databse?

Any practical views or tips from those who have attached a large database of photos would be really helpful and interesting.

with thanks
John Firr
David Burgess

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