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Nick Walker (Ancestral Sources)

Hi Doug

Go to Tools->Options->Census Settings and you will probably want to tick the "(Offer to create birth facts) even if existing birth includes place and date" option. There are similar options for all the other source types too.

Best wishes


Nick Walker
Ancestral Sources Developer

On 03/05/2022 15:14 Doug Byway <doug_byway@...> wrote:

Hello, I am having a small problem with Census entry.
I am using AS v.7.3.5 64bit. Method 2
On saving, I was used to being prompted for Birth Date and Place for each individual recorded in the Census. This now only happens for Individuals which do not already have this info. recorded in FH.
I must have inadvertently changed a Setting, but cannot work out which one.
Your help to revert this situation would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks
Doug Byway

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