Re-ordering family relationships

John Ball

Hello All,

One of my collateral ancestors, Mary Ann Smallwood (1814-1884), married Thomas Clarke Bretnor in Birmingham in 1835.

The couple had no children, but Mary Ann subsequently gave birth to four children between 1842 and 1853, probably to different fathers. She gave one of the fathers a fictitious name. All four children carried the same surname (Bretnor).

In FH (7.0.11) I decided to treat Mary Ann as if she had three partner relationships:
1. Her legitimate marriage - but no children.
2. A generic "Unknown" partner - producing three children (in 1842, 1844, & 1848).
3. The "Unknown" partner with a fictitious name - producing one child (in 1853).

The FH focus window displays these three relationships, but not in the correct chronological order (see screen grab, below).

Is there any quick way of re-ordering the relationships so the one producing the fourth child appears last? I tried the "Re-order out-of-sequence data" option in the Tools menu, but it failed to correct the sequence of relationships.

I would be most grateful for any helpful suggestions.


John Ball

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