Re: Rearrange Address and Places Parts Plugin

Adrian Bruce

On Mon, 25 Apr 2022 at 13:18, David Hodgson-Brown <dave@...> wrote:

I am not definitely going to do this, but reading the information on Gedcom 7 from the LDS I think it is implying that ‘Place’ is more like a legal entity, whereas the address is definitely one that can be used as a postal address so needs to be compete.


As Mike says, nothing has materially changed in ages in those definitions. IIRC, the Place is supposed to be a Jurisdiction and the Address is a Postal Address.  The problem is that an exact following of those concepts leads to all sorts of issues in my view. For instance - how do you encode a mountain? This was an issue for someone trying to record where people died in a plane crash while still following the exact GEDCOM specification. The mountain isn't a jurisdiction, so it couldn't go in the place-name. But did it qualify as a postal address? Could you send a letter there? Probably not...

I, like Mike, would be far more concerned about how other people have used those two items - they are, after all, the targets for your software. And on that topic you should understand that FamilySearch FamilyTree very definitely doesn't follow the split of Place and Address. FSFT has a database of standard place-names, most of which are jurisdictions but some of which are churches, cemeteries, etc - the sort of thing that many of us would put in the address - as well as towns and villages that aren't jurisdictions . It would therefore seem likely to me that if there is a change in GEDCOM in the future, it will shift towards a much looser interpretation of those items (FSFT being the later thing).


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