Re: Note Records

Doug Byway

Thanks, Mike.
There were many so I deleted all with zero links  using the Named List method.
Regards Doug

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1. Whether they are a problem is somewhat subjective.

They do no harm, especially if they have no text or 0 Links, but they consume a small amount of space and may be a distraction.


2. Have you imported your Project from some other product in the past?

That is the most likely cause.


3. See FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Delete One or Many Records’


Mike Tate


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Subject: [family-historian] Note Records


I am in the process of cleaning my FH project, and I notice that in the Records window for 'Notes' there are many records with no Description and/or links = 0'
1. Are these a problem?
2. What  causes these to be generated?
3. As they appear to be spurious, how do I delete them?

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