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I religiously remove superfluous address information from the place entity and did this since the feature was released in Rootsmagic 4 maybe 14 years ago.

I believe it makes for more concise place recording and better hint accuracy so made sense to me. However at present I cannot geo-code, attach media and notes to addresses in Family Historian although I believe this will come within V7.

The reason I say that is these enhanced site components have become less of a niche and more mainstream in competitor software. And let's face it every WDYTYA program (and the like) the subject want to stand on the site of their ancestor and know a little history of the Church or building and a photograph if available.

Geographic clusters (within places) have also given me valuable clues in my research, for now this is the last thing I maintain outside FH but hopefully not for long. If your site and place strings are combined at present I would suggest beefing them up in preparation for a likely split utility if/when FH make the enhancement available.


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Thanks for the clarification.


I am not definitely going to do this, but reading the information on Gedcom 7 from the LDS I think it is implying that ‘Place’ is more like a legal entity, whereas the address is definitely one that can be used as a postal address so needs to be compete.




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Hi David,

The first thing to do is use Tools > Work with Data > Addresses and increase the number of Columns to 10 (or whatever you think you need).

You must decide how columns need to be reserved for Addresses.

Let us assume 5 for sake of argument. i.e. None of your Addresses needs more than 5 columns.

It also assumes that none of your Places needs more than 5 columns, because Address columns + Place columns must be no more than 10.


Run the Plugin and note that Address 1 to Address 5 will remain unchanged to Address columns intact.

In the Address 6 drop list select Place 1.

In the Address 7 drop list select Place 2.

and so on until

In the Address 10 drop list select Place 5.


That is it.


BTW: Why do you think this rearrangement is a good idea?


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of David Hodgson-Brown
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Subject: [family-historian] Rearrange Address and Places Parts Plugin


Hi All


I would like to add the place to all my address entries. It must be my ‘senior moment’, but I can’t work out how to set this up in the plugin. Can anybody help please.






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