Ancestral Sources

Doug Byway

I am having problems using the Census input for Ancestral Sources on my new laptop.
It's operating system is Windows 11.
I have downloaded the latest version of AS and the problem I am experiencing is that the 'Source' field is greyed out, and the only way I can choose my Census year is to enter it in the appropriate field along with country.
My Project details have been entered, and display for selection of individuals, in the appropriate section of the screen.
When I enter theĀ  Census details and save the record, the Individuals' facts are updated OK but the Source info. for the census entries are not showing an 'Entry date', 'Assessment' nor a 'Where within source' entry.
I was using AS version 7.3.3 on my old laptop, which was working OK.
I copied this version to my new laptop, and got the same results as with the latest version outlined above.

Is the problem with Windows 11, or does it lie within my FH Project, which is working OK in all other respects.
I suspect that somehow I have caused this problem, so any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks in anticipation!
Doug Byway

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