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Thanks Mike

In answer to your questions
1    Yes my wife and I exist as individuals in both projects
2    Yes our children etc exist as individuals in both projects
3    Most of the entries in one project came from the Reunion program used by my father many years ago.  As such there are some odd or no sources / places identified in much of that project following the transfer (checking sources will take some time to do!).  The other project is pretty well recorded in the usual formats.  Do you think this may cause a problem?


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As Victor says, even with one combined comprehensive master Project, it is easy to produce Diagrams and Reports for specific branches.

If it is not possible from the combined Project, it can be copied to a temporary Project, and the unwanted branches deleted using File > Split Tree Helper.

Then any Diagrams and Reports can be produced for the remaining branches, and finally the temporary Project is deleted.

That way you only ever need to update one master Project and when you create temporary copies you know they are accurate.


To keep you two current Projects for the time being and create a separate combined master Project follow this procedure.

In your Project, use File > Project Window… and then More Tasks > Copy Project giving it the desired master Project name.

Open that new master Project, use File > Merge/Compare File… and select the GEDCOM file in your Wife’s Project.

The details of the Merge process will depend somewhat on which Individuals, Families, Sources, Places, etc, are common to both Projects.


Do you and your wife exist as Individuals in both Projects?

Do your children & grandchildren exist as Individuals in both Projects?

Do you have any Source records or Place records that are similar/identical in both Projects?


See the FHUG Knowledge Base advice on Merge/Compare File and digest the details and advice:


Since it is only your immediate family and the one common ancestor that are likely to exist in both Projects, the Merge should be straightforward.

However, it needs some care and attention to detail, and every type of record tab must be reviewed.


If anything is unclear then please ask before performing/completing the Merge.

However, if the Merge goes awry you can delete the master Project and start again with a new copy of your original Project.


Mike Tate


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When the two projects are combined and you do a narrative report from the husbands ancestors and another from the wife's the report will give different details as if they were from separate trees

If you go to a person on your tree and open the 'view' menu at the top then prompt 'query' and from the menu prompt relationship. This will list all those related to the particular person you have highlighted on FH. Let's say the husband. This will list all the relationships he has. Do the same for the wife it will list different relationship names. Both are open like a spreadsheet which can be saved

There really is no need to have 2 separate projects

I also have FTM which gives more details of the names and the links. Something like '4th cousin of wife of 2nd cousin once removed of victor' FH just says 'no direct relationship'


On 15/04/2022 22:22, Alsatia wrote:

Hello Mike

Thanks for your advice.  You are correct in thinking I have one project for myself and one for my wife.  Ideally I would like to keep both projects separate but as you say  in this case any further common ancestors that are discovered  would need to be duplicated.  This could lead to errors.  On the other hand a common ancestor may mean there are other links to be found which would otherwise not be apparent that a merged project would facilitate.

I think that i would like to merge the two projects as a 3rd project and keep the original projects intact but unchanged.  If at some time in the future there are no more common ancestors to be discovered then the common information can be added separately to the two projects.  This would be best so only the relevant parts of the family history can be disseminated to my own family and to my wife's family.

Perhaps you would be so kind as to explain the relevant procedures to put this into effect.

Clive Barker


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