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Mike Tate

Hi Clive,

Reading between the lines, I guess you have two separate Projects; one for yourself, and one for your wife.

The recurring advice that is often given is that one combined Project is usually far superior.
It avoids the problem you are now facing for all common relatives.
It also often means such relatives are more easily and quickly discovered.
That includes not only common ancestors, as in this case, but also common descendants such as your children and grandchildren.
Having one Project avoids needing to update such common relatives in two Projects.

So the solution to your question depends on whether you wish to continue with two Projects and their parallel updating or to merge them into one composite Project that will be simpler to manage.

Mike Tate

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In researching my own and my wife's family trees I have discovered we have a common ancestor. There are a large number of members of the family previous to that ancestor. I would like to add those from one tree into the other without having to enter all the details again. I look forward to anyone's suggestions.

Many thanks
Clive Barker

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