Re: Create, or edit, reports

Laércio Silva Filho

Hello, Mike,

Thanks for the attentive and accurate answer. You've got exactly what I meant.

I've been experimenting with the syntax offered in the "Fact types" option. Some of my goals were fully achieved. However, I realize that the narrative strictly follows a chronological order of events, which is reasonable. However, I would like to invert the narrative presentation to something like this:
Raimundo BORGES LEAL Neto, (n. 12/01/1896, Picos, +05/05/1970, Brejo Novo). Son of Simão BORGES LEAL and Francelina MARIA DE JESUS...
and so on.
Is it possible to do this inversion?

And about the suffixes, I achieved to make them appear sometimes, but not everywhere.

Best regards,

Laércio Silva Filho

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