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Mike Tate

Hello Laércio,

Please provide a few more details regarding your requirements.


a) You can fully define the text produced by each fact. Use the Tools > Fact Types… command, select any fact, and click the Edit… button.

The Sentence Template can be changed to produce more compact text in most cases.


Occupation facts to show just the occupation could use just {value}.

Marriage facts could use just Married {spouse/her/him} ({date:ABBREV3}, {_place})


b) What exactly do you mean by ‘suffixes’?

Do you mean the Name Suffix: field shown in the Names & Titles dialogue?

There are various Data References with Qualifiers that can display name details.


Instead of {individual} use {%CUR_PRIN.NAME:ADORNED_FULL%} to include all name components.

Instead of {spouse/her/him} use {%CUR_PRIN2.NAME:ADORNED_FULL%}


c) Please explain what you mean by report layout in two columns.

Do you mean like newspaper columns where the text runs down the lefthand column and then continues in the righthand column before flowing onto the next page?

That is not possible with FH options.

You will have to Save Report As > Word-Processor Document (.RTF) and try using a word-processor but I suspect even that will not be successful.


These are quite advanced features of FH, so if you need more advice about the details of such changes then please ask again.


Mike Tate


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Sent: 14 April 2022 03:22
Subject: [family-historian] Create, or edit, reports


Hello all,

As I approach the viable end of (one of my family branches) inventory, I need to organize the data and prepare a book for publishing. After testing and analyzing all the report options of my FH7, I came to the conclusion that I need to adapt some things. Some examples:

a) Change the descendant narratives' syntax for something more compact like that: Laércio SILVA FILHO (+22/05/1978, Santa Maria, RS, Brasil). Civil Engineer. F. Laércio SILVA. M. Maria das Graças GUERRANTE. Married Flávia MORAES (07/09/2009, Brasília, DF, Brasil).
b) Include the suffixes in all names.
c) Organize the report layout in two columns.

Does can any of these things be done?

Thanks in advance!


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