Re: New hard drive

Mike Tate

Hi Gillian,

Typically, when you sync My Documents via OneDrive the FH Project Location must be adjusted.

i.e. In the File > Project Window… the Location: must change to such as C:\Users\...\OneDrive\Documents\Family Historian Projects


Have you made a similar change after re-installing FH because the default installation Project Location: is different?


Have you checked all the Projects that existed on OneDrive before the disk problem?


Does the Project Window option More Tasks > Samples > Reset Sample Project create a satisfactory Family Historian Sample Project on OneDrive?


If all else fails, and you have set the Location: as above, then use the File > Backup/Restore > Restore Backup… command to recover your full backup from the external drive.


You ask if all necessary files should be there.

For the Project data, the answer is YES, provided that you keep all media files within the Project’s internal Media subfolder.

However, if you had customised Diagrams, Reports, Queries, Plugins, Fact Sets, etc, etc, then they are NOT in the Project Backups.

You would have had to use the Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings plugin or some other techniques to preserve those customisations.


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response.  The Family Historian project was in my documents, and my documents were synced to my one drive. When I got my laptop back yesterday I logged into One Drive and got all my other (non FH) files fine, reinstalled FH and now have this problem.  I'm assuming now that all the one drive FH data has gone.

I also back up separately to a portable hard drive...I have not tried to access this. Should I? This would be a full back up - does that mean all the necessary files should be there?

Kind regards


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