Re: New hard drive

Mike Tate

Hi Gillian,

Exactly what FH files were on OneDrive?

Did you keep your Family Historian Projects folder and all Projects directly on OneDrive?


Did you Backup Projects to OneDrive but the Family Historian Projects folder was NOT on OneDrive?

To recover such Backup files you must use the File > Backup/Restore > Restore Backup… command.


The error messages indicate serious problems with your GEDCOM file, including no terminating trailer record.

So if your Projects were OK before, what you have on OneDrive is something different.


Can you explain in more detail what FH files you kept on OneDrive and how you have recovered them?


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Subject: [family-historian] New hard drive



My laptop recently had to be repaired - and a new hard drive was installed and BIOS updated. I've reinstalled FH. My FH files were on one drive and are now reinstated. However I am getting the following message when trying to open my family tree:   

Lines marked "EXCLUDED:" indicate data which has not

  been loaded, and explain why it wasn't loaded.


  Indented lines marked "EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:" indicate

  data lines which are not necessarily invalid in

  themselves but which have had to be excluded as a

  consequence of excluding other lines.


  Lines marked "INFO ONLY:" indicate data that has

  been successfully loaded, but where special action

  was needed to load it (e.g. GEDCOM errors detected

  and automatically corrected by Family Historian).



--- Missing trailer record.



The numeric portion of Gedcom Ids have been retained as Record Ids.  Use these to match entries to records.

Can anyone assist? I do have back ups on a separate hard drive. I'm not at all clear how to progress this.

Thank you

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