New hard drive



My laptop recently had to be repaired - and a new hard drive was installed and BIOS updated. I've reinstalled FH. My FH files were on one drive and are now reinstated. However I am getting the following message when trying to open my family tree:   

Lines marked "EXCLUDED:" indicate data which has not
  been loaded, and explain why it wasn't loaded.
  Indented lines marked "EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:" indicate
  data lines which are not necessarily invalid in
  themselves but which have had to be excluded as a
  consequence of excluding other lines.
  Lines marked "INFO ONLY:" indicate data that has
  been successfully loaded, but where special action
  was needed to load it (e.g. GEDCOM errors detected
  and automatically corrected by Family Historian).
--- Missing trailer record.
The numeric portion of Gedcom Ids have been retained as Record Ids.  Use these to match entries to records.

Can anyone assist? I do have back ups on a separate hard drive. I'm not at all clear how to progress this.

Thank you

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