moving a sibling on a chart/diagram

susan probert

Hello, I am new to FH7 (not used it in an earlier version).
I am trying to create a chart to save as a PDF and then print elsewhere as an A3 chart/diagram. I have approx. 52 relatives/ancestors in my records. I have a problem with the configuration of my chosen All Relatives diagram.  However the diagram has various proxy boxes with several relatives "out on a limb" via crossing (dotted) lines.  This means that the 6 generation diagram is spread very wide because of the number of relatives who have been moved "out" from where they should be.  Frankly it looks silly!  I have found out how to hide the proxy boxes but after many hours of reading "Help" and experimenting I have not found any way of moving the sibling box (with associated spouse/children) back to the correct place within its' siblings.  If I can do this the diagram will look a lot less wide and a lot more "sensible".
The best example I can give is from the FH sample project - using Anthony Edward Munro I want to move his information plus his spouse and descendants back into the place where the proxy box currently is (although my actual ancester only has the one spouse).  Is this possible and if so how do I do it?
I need baby steps as I'm not that good using software!!
Many thanks, Susan

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