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Phil Stokes

Cathy, this is the link I used a couple of months ago. It has been mentioned on RootsChat for quite a while, and I know others have used it since.


You have to cancel you current subscription at least a couple of days before it expires then, once it has expired, use the link below. It is for new subscriptions only, not renewals, so it is important to ensure that your current subscription has expired first, or it may not show you the offer. Strangely, for some reason I do get to see the offer even when logged in with my current subscription (using Chrome) but it seems that I am in a minority on RootsChat.





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Resurrecting this thread again - does anyone know if the link for a 50% discount still works? I have tried clicking the link & then signing in and also tried signing in & then clicking the link, as I wasn't sure which order was correct but neither seemed to work. Also they are only advertising monthly & 6 monthly - I had great difficulty finding how to do an annual sub.



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