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Mike Tate

Hi Ian,

Sorry, but the answer is a bit long-winded.

BTW: It helps us if you tell us which FH version you are using. I suspect FH V6?


In general, the Diagram > Save Diagram As… > Custom Diagram Type… command is necessary for each style of Diagram.

There are no global settings except for the core Diagrams as explained below.


However, the core Diagrams: Ancestors, Descendants, Ancestors & Descendants, and All Relatives share the same settings.

So once you have customised the Boxes tab Conditions for one of those they are all customised the same way.


Custom Diagram Types essentially save just the Diagram > Options… settings and I think inserted boxes and pictures.


Family Historian Charts save everything: settings, inserted trees, boxes & pictures, tree root individuals/families, resized & repositioned boxes, etc.

However, these charts are not ‘frozen’ and if relevant new Individuals or new Facts are added to your Project then the chart will get updated.


Mike Tate


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Subject: [family-historian] Chart defaults


I laboriously set up icons for each UK census to appear on an Everyone chart (Boxes/add condition), and carefully clicked through the 'Set as defaults' dialogue.
Closed chart. On opening an Everyone chart next time, no icons/no conditions. Having RTFMd, I now see that I should have "save[d] a configuration of the Diagram Window as a new diagram type, by clicking on Save Diagram As… on the File menu, and then selecting Custom Diagram Type."  And later opened that saved chart if I wanted Everyone with census icons.

But.  But I would like the same icons/conditions, etc., to apply on other charts (say, all relatives, Ancestors, etc.). Do I have to go through the whole setup for each  type of chart I wish to use?

Is there no way of saving a global set of conditions or preferences for charts?

And, as an aside, when is a Saved Chart a Custom Diagram, or vice versa?


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