Chart defaults


I laboriously set up icons for each UK census to appear on an Everyone chart (Boxes/add condition), and carefully clicked through the 'Set as defaults' dialogue.
Closed chart. On opening an Everyone chart next time, no icons/no conditions. Having RTFMd, I now see that I should have "save[d] a configuration of the Diagram Window as a new diagram type, by clicking on Save Diagram As… on the File menu, and then selecting Custom Diagram Type."  And later opened that saved chart if I wanted Everyone with census icons.

But.  But I would like the same icons/conditions, etc., to apply on other charts (say, all relatives, Ancestors, etc.). Do I have to go through the whole setup for each  type of chart I wish to use?

Is there no way of saving a global set of conditions or preferences for charts?

And, as an aside, when is a Saved Chart a Custom Diagram, or vice versa?


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