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David Burgess

Hi Dave

If you use Ancestral Sources the 1921 Census includes a template for recording these details.  You only need to enter the details once and they are entered into Family Historian for every member of the household.  Ancestral Sources has just been updated to include the 1921 Census.  A wonderful tool.


David Burgess

On 02/03/2022 16:00, dave@... wrote:
In the 1921 Census we have a table that indicates the number of children under 16.

I have replicated this in FH by creating an Autotext that I use in the note for the census event.
This puts in a table with the base text and I fill it in the 'X' as appropriate.

This works very well and I will continue to do this for all my 1921 Census entries.

However, and this is just a note of caution, if, like me, you export your data for use elsewhere.
I use GedExplorer on my Android tablet and GedView on iPad, I also have a TNG website.

The results that you get from these apps varies.

GedView tends to show you the HTML along the lines of:

The alternative is to use the ordinary File, Export which will give you something slightly more readable.
Count <1 • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10 • 11 • 12 • 13 • 14 • 15
7 • X • • X • • • X • • X • • • • • X • • X • X

GedExplorer gives a result similar to this:
Count \|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15 7|X||X|||X||X|||||X||X|X

For uploading to TNG the best result is to use Mike Tate's 'Export Gedcom' and set Rich Text Formatting to (HTML 5)....
This gives a usable result:-

If you do intend to use tables in notes and plan on using them elsewhere, it may be worth doing a few tests beforehand so that you know how it will look.
David Burgess

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